GELF 149 pack of 4 tubes

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GELF 149 For prophylaxis of caries through topical fluorine applications with special pressurisers and / or ionophores.
Product available only on order. Processing time around 5 days.

Dental caries are a morbid process on which predisposing causes and determinative causes occur. The determining causes are related to the particular conditions of acidity that the patents covering the dental surfaces assume as a result of fermentative processes. These skins (mucous plates) made up of organic degradation products and mineral salts, acidified and polluted by germs, establish the chemical-parasitic base of the cariotic process. Fluoride experiences and activity to combat this morbid process is not the case to talk about it.Since topical applications are simple as with hypofores are now generally made with fluorinated solutions using the pressurized rubber sponge press, or sponge type, it was thought that using a fluorinated gel would give greater continuity of adhesion produced at the dental surface or in the interdental spaces than the use of solutions, being these more sliding and more miscible with saliva.The GELF 149 was also born on the experience of works and products made in American Universities. Why GELF 149? 149 are the milligrams of fluorine in the gel, which can not be exceeded on the basis of the ministerial decree of 27-01-1979 in the adaptation of Italian legislation to EEC directives.

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