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Bioriparator and biorigenerating gum lipogel.Ingredients:Natural phytotherapeutic product with ozone, anhydrous and concentrated.100% extracts of medicinal plants medicamentous Package: 25 ml tube.

Product available only on order. Processing time around 5 days.

BioRigenera Dental O3Its formulation, rich in essential oils, accelerates the process of tissue repair of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. Its main biological actions are :- high properties; bio-regenerators, bio-repairers and cicatrists- reduces edema, relieves pain and reduces healing time- barrier and haemostasis action on the bleeding wound-it creates a micro protective film on the lesion, isolating it from the external environment and protecting it from infectious, viral and inflammatory processes- the properties of grapefruit seeds and ozone have an antibacterial effect - completely natural product, non-toxic to accidental ingestion.Indications:- small injuries due to dental surgery;- irritated and bleeding gums;- Peri-implant surgery;- ideal for preventing, reducing post-operative pain;- after use of prosthetic and dental equipment;- gingivitis, periodontitis, peri-implantitis;- together with the use of prosthetic and orthodontic appliances;- after scaling and oral hygiene procedures;- after simple or surgical dental extractions;- in case of small burns and canker sores;- in the treatment of cold sores;- ideal for oral infections;- ideal in pathologies of the oral mucous membranes;- gum pockets- suitable for diabetic patients.


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