GC FUJIROCK EP, Premium Line, Pastel Yellow, 11kg

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GC FUJIROCK EP, Premium Line, Pastel Yellow, 11kg
Product available only on order. Processing time around 5 days.

Type IV plasterboard for models.Suitable for the fabrication of models for extended implant prosthetic restorations and complex indications in all-ceramic ceramics.Ideal for the fabrication of removable dies.Colour Range: Pastel Yellow - Polar White - Inca Brown (ideal for use with scanners) - Titanium Grey (ideal for veneers).Features: Featuresexcellent physical properties, good fluidity and excellent thixotropic properties\; immediately stable after casting\; fast mixing (about 1 min.)\; reduced expansion (less than 0.08%)\; accurate detail reproduction\; extended processing time (more than 8 min.Reduced curing time (only 12 min.)\; it can be removed from the model after 30 minutes\; new polypropylene packaging with hermetically sealed lid sealable cover.

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