GC GRADIA PLUS Paste Heavy Body, 3.3ml, 1 pc.

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GC GRADIA PLUS PASTE Heavy Body, 3.3mL syringe
Product available only on order. Processing time around 5 days.

Modular system for composites for indirect restorations.Based on the latest ceramic polymers technology, this advanced, light-cured, high-strength, nano-hybrid composite ensures brilliant, translucent, chromatic and opalescence-like natural ceramics.Its exclusive modular concept is made up of fewer standard colors, but the mixing and stratification method is more individualized and therefore the system is more compact and economical. Despite this, the product meets all the requirements in terms of indications and techniques used, from classical or polychromatic stratification to monolithic method. Body paste has two different consistencies, Paste HB and Paste LB. Both pastes can be used for creating several types of anterior or posterior restorations. There are several shades for dentin shade, Enamelshade and effect shade. The dentin layers have an enhanced brightness and masking ability that adjuststhe opalescence of the composites. This gives a bright color tone in the oral cavity and eliminates unnatural translucency at the incisal edge.

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