Orange Bite

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Orange Bite - 2 x 50ml Cartridge, 12 Mixing Tips
Product available only on order. Processing time around 5 days.

BITE REGISTRATION MATERIAL Bite registration material, A-silicone based, medium consistency - medium bodied, thixotropic. Direct application onto teeth, extremely short time in the mouth (60 sec.), maximum final hardness, approx. 45 Shore D, easy processing. Colour: Base orange, Catalyst white 1:1 with orange flavour!Important Features &amp\; Benefits: Fast set: extremely short time in the mouth, only 60 seconds. Maximum final hardness, approx. 45 Shore D, allows easy processing (cut and shape). 12 contouring tips free in each standard packing for precise and easy application directly onto the teeth. Thixotropic, does not flow into interdental spaces. With orange flavour for stress-free bite taking