CLOREXIMID pack x 12 bottles of 50 g each

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CLOREXIMID conf.x 12 flac.da 50 g cad. New 0.2% chlorhexidine based solution and 0.2% Cetrimide for endocanalar washing with detergent action for the removal of the dental sludge generated by the instrumentation.
Product available only on order. Processing time around 5 days.

The synergistic action of Clorexidina and Cetrimide translates into an effective detergent action.The product is characterized by a low surface tension that gives it an effective detergent action especially in areas with difficult access to the instruments (periapical zones)\; having a density equal to that of water, its diffusion in the channels is quick and complete.Numerous studies on the irritation induced by various cannabis irrigators have highlighted the extreme tolerability of Cloreximid to periapical tissues, which combined with a pleasant taste of the solution, allows for even easier use without the use of field isolation systems operative, or on poorly collaborative patients.In order to optimize the ergonomics of operating procedures and to meet the requirements of cross-infection control, Cloreximid is presented in single-packed 50 g packs.

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