DETARZIN Pasta for detachment - 50 g jar + 5 ring dappens

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Detarzin-Pasta for detachment with silicon dioxide and zirconium silicate. Silicon dioxide (Sident 9), zirconium silicate, Carbopol in flavored excipients.
Product available only on order. Processing time around 5 days.

Detarzin is a ready-to-use, fluorescent, medium-sized, pink-flavored, mint flavored pasta. The embedded nature of Detarzin produces a feeling of freshness that persists for a long time, alleviating any irritation of the gums. DOES NOT CONTAIN MENTOLO.Detarzin is equipped with a gentle mechanical abrasive action, due to the presence of microgranules with homogeneous particle size. When the paste is applied on a rough surface, the microgranules contained therein remove the abrasion. This property allows Detarzin to eliminate tartar without affecting the dental enamel, not containing neither acids nor alkalis. RDA: 150 - ISO 11609

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