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Gengistal Astringent solution of the gum to be used before the imprint to allow the footprint to better record the collar contours. With Gengistal a retraction of the temporary and reversible tissue is obtained.
Product available only on order. Processing time around 5 days.

During prosthetic or conservative treatment, the need for immediate and temporary withdrawal of the gum is known, by means of a vasoconstriction such as to present an operating area without blood secretions. The 25% solution of aluminum sulphate exhibits a hemostatic action by acting on some of the coagulation factors and not containing chlorides avoid interfering with fibrinogen formations resulting in slowed hemostasis due to parietal modification of capillaries. Aluminum sulphate promotes the agglomeration of red blood cells and thus has atraumatic and homogenous hemostasis without alteration of capillaries with faster healing.

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