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Casket containing: 1 bottle of 40 cps. 200 mg cad. 1 bottle of 4 g liquid 1 dropper 1 block for dough

Product available only on order. Processing time around 5 days.

SUPERSEAL is a radiopac concrete which thanks to the high mechanical properties is particularly suitable for endodontic surgery. It is biocompatible, dimensionally stable, non-absorbable and has a neutral pH that contributes to making it well tolerated by periapical tissues.SUPERSEAL is indicated in all cases where extremely high cement is required with exceptional mechanical strength properties and guarantee of tightness and, in particular, retrograde fillings or repairs of root punctures.SUPERSEAL guarantees a good seal in time and is easy to apply.It is particularly suitable when the cavity is of great magnitude and the use of amalgam is contraindicated for its expansion which can cause root fractures.In the repairs of the third coronal roots of the roots it guarantees a good aesthetic performance without pigmenting the tissues. Its good radiopacity allows the control of the seal.


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