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ARGOSEAL CASKET The casket contains: 1 bottle of 10gr powder + 16gr bottle of liquid, 1 blockdough and 1 spoon dispenser.
Product available only on order. Processing time around 5 days.

Sealing cement for canal fillings, for final canal closures according to the Shilder technique.Thanks to the composition of zinc oxide, eugenol, and natural resins, Argoseal remains dimensionally stable and is not subject to hardening retraction. It is made according to the formula of Rickert, considered by Shilder, the optimal formulation for endodontic closures with the condensation technique of gutta-percha. COMPOSITION b&gt\;: &lt\; Powder: A 110 mg capsule contains: - Silver powder 33 mg - Zinc oxide 45.33 mg - Natural resin 17.60 mg - diodiodymium 14.07 mg Liquid: 100 g contains: Eugenol bidistillate 74.00 g - rosin resin - ethyl alcohol - castor oil - glycerol enough

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