CERASMART Universal, size 14L, 5 Blocks GC

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Hybrid ceramic block for CAD / CAM absorbing forces
Product available only on order. Processing time around 5 days.

Precision, strength and flexibility... combined with an easy to use characterisation glaze. Thats what CERASMART, the force absorbing hybrid ceramic CAD/CAM Block, stands for. It offers you unprecedented opportunities for a variety of clinical situations. Being capable of absorbing shocks, CERASMART is perfectly suited to handle challenging occlusal situations. Its sharp adaptation and resistance to chipping ensure a long-lasting marginal seal. Its balanced surface hardness will be especially beneficial in reducing the wear of the opposing dentition, while also ensuring a long lasting gloss of the restoration. And on top of that, CERASMART also offers you: - Efficient milling process with a short milling time and enhanced service life of milling tools - Excellent polishability displaying an impressive gloss after a short polishing time - Easy characterisation using OPTIGLAZE color, in just a few minutes